Vitamin Complex Facial Serum | Alove

Vitamin Complex Facial Serum

$55.00 AUD

Your morning multivitamin delivers essential nutrients to your body from the inside out. 

But what about the outside in? The skin on your face needs—and deserves—its daily dose of goodness, too. After all, it’s your largest, thirstiest, and most forward-facing organ. 

Our Vitamin Complex Facial Serum offers a powerhouse of vegan ingredients to keep your sweet face feeling supple and looking bright. With vitamins, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and natural oils, your skin will soak up the nourishment it craves:

-Vitamin C - Neutralizes free radicals and slows the roll of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.  

-Vitamin A - Babies and repairs skin with the best of bedside (or morningside) manner. 

-Vitamin E  - Works as an amour against environmental damage and pollution.  

-B Vitamins  - Pro-vitamins B5 and B3 soften, firm, and plump skin to baby-like perfection. 

-Glycolic acid - Gently exfoliates away dead, clogged skin to reveal the fresh skin underneath. 

-Rosehip Oil -  Packed the “the good fats” to repair and regenerate. 

-Green Tea and Goji Berry - Reduce inflammation just like centuries-old antioxidants should. 

-Vegetable Squalane - Balances oil production to keep skin hydrated, healthy, and in-the-clear.

Directions: Apply every morning before makeup and watch the magic happen over time.