About Alové

Alové is a concept created by a brother and sister team. The founder of the company is a chemist and holds a bachelor degree in science, with over 8 years experience developing products. Also involved majorly with Alové is Stefanie. With over 5 years in retail management experience Stefanie manages and operates all our social media, H.R and sales.

Alové works to create a large range of vegan friendly hair care and skin care products. All products are handmade in small bacthes here in Australia from shampoos & conditioners to hair/face masks and body oils. A huge element of our products is incorporating organic plants and fruits into our products wherever possible, We pride ourselves on our use of natural ingredients and ethical formulations that are not tested on animals. 

Alové is a Melbourne based organisation. One of our key values is sustainability hence all product packaging uses recyclable Aluminium and Glass wherever possible and is sourced locally supporting Australian businesses. We are very proud of each item we release and ensure each and every product is effective and of the highest standard before being approved for sale.

Alové was originally founded after we were left unsatisfied with the quality of available products. A lot of large brand name skin and hair care products contain harsh chemicals such as petrochemicals, sulphates which can contain dangerous residues that could potentially be cancer causing. Many brands also have their products manufactured overseas using poor quality ingredients while still charging a premium price.

So we started creating products for our own personal use as we wanted something effective that we could trust. Our family and friends became increasingly interested and noticed the results/improvement and requested products for themselves. As this interest grew bigger we decided to expand and create our own line of locally made products for everyone.

Thanking you for your support.

The Alové Team